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Animals personalities

Shy, open, careful, intrusive, easily offended or sensitive: such words can be used to describe not only humans, but also animals. Pet’s owners can certainly confirm this fact. Nevertheless, it is difficult to study psychological tendencies of animals. For example,how would you investigate the character features of a spider? However the most important features that can be helpful in these studies is the behavior of the animals. How they act and how they deal with the others can tell a lot about the animal. The same can be said about humans. If a person spends all day on the couch, he automatically exhibits the properties of a cat that enjoys a cozy and chilling life.

The Animal in You

Which similarities do we have with animals? There are some characteristics of animals which can also be seen in humans. There are cuddly kittens, naughty lynx or lazy sloths. Surely everyone knows people, who possess some of these qualities.

This test helps you to find out which animal your are: To find our which animal characteristics are the closest to your character. You can easily click through this fun and humorous test and recieve your result at the end. In addition to tour result, we recommend you an animal partner that fits your animal personality. You can take the test with your friends to find out how well you fit with each other. Find out if you're a shy cat or a dangerous shark!

Animals and humans!

Animal can think logically and have clear imagination of space and time. They can create relationships and friendships. They can even develop love and affection. However, we can not clearly understand whether or not animals have the same characteristics and behaviors as people.

People who love animals and live with them would say that their pets have a real personality. They are intelligent and compassionate; some would even say they can communicate with them. The thoughts and feelings of humans are closely related to the thoughts and feelings of other animals.