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The human brain consists of two hemispheres. Each of them is responsible for specific tasks.

Left brain right brain

Logical thought processes run mostly on the left hemisphere of the brain. The right brain is responsible for the determination of spatial relationships and emotional content like non-verbal communication. According to these facts, people are often referred to either creative or logical - depending on, which hemisphere of the brain is more used in your daily life.

It is amazing how different skills and talents of people can be. Some people are mathematical geniuses, some people can well remember names and telephone numbers, and some people inspire others with their creativity. All of these features are controlled by our brain. However, it has to be told that people can not be divided strictly into left- or right brain types. The two hemispheres are always used both, but mostly one hemisphere is dominant one.

The view on the left and right brain’s hemispheres is, however, controversial in the scientific context. The brain’s research will provide more interesting facts over the next few years.

Brain test online

There are many brain tests on the web:Some of them are scientific brain tests, and some of them are testsonly for fun. The latter are admittedly mostly for entertainment, but still furnish informations about the dominant hemisphere. Test your brain and find out some interesting things about yourself and your thought processes.

The human brain

The human brain is equipped with about 100 billion nerve cells. It is the organ with the highest energy demand. Around 43% of the total energy of the body is strained by the brain. A mean brain of an adult weighs about 1200g - 1400g, which amounts about three percent of the whole body weight. Men tend to have larger brains than women - but this fact does not affect the intelligence.