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Visuals acuity test and colorblind test

Visual Tests can be carried out by an ophthalmologist or an optician. There are many online visual tests on the internet as well, which provide information about your eyes. It can be tested, for example, if a person is colorblind. The colorblind tests tests the colorblindness by examining the viewing at different colored patterns. If the person recognizes the colors on the pictures correctly, this person is not color blind. Visual acuity, thus, can be tested online and for free. But the results should be enjoyed with caution. The real vision acuity can be measured only be an optician or ophthalmologist.

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In addition to the shortsightedness and longsightedness, there are more factors, which can limit the vision of a person. Astigmathismus is one of these factors. Furthermore, some people of color blindness are affected in general vision. These people can, for example, not distinguish between red and green colors. A very small percentage of humanity is affected by another form of color blindness and can not distinguish between yellow and blue colors.

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Short sightedness and Long sightedness Many people are affected by shortsightedness or longsightedness. Short-sighted people see in short distances sharp. When they are looking into the distance, their vision is blurry. Long-sighted people can see very good into the long distance, but they need glasses, when they want to read a book or see things very close. A combination of short- and long-sightedness is also possible.

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Astigmathism Astigmathism effects a restriction of vision. It is caused due to a curvature of the corneal surface. People with astigmathismus see the straight lines not straight. They see, depending on the extent of astigmatism, bended lines.

Red-green colorblindness Moreover, colorblindness restricts the vision. In this case, the vision acuity is not restricted, but the vision concerning the distinction of colors. The red-green colorblindness is the most common. About 9% of men and only 0.8% of all women are affected. This visual impairment is innate. Another form of colorblindness is the so-called yellow-blue color blindness, which is also related with total colorblindness.

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In the case of complete colorblindness, the person can only determine light and dark contrasts.

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